Remote Luxury – Top Resorts Down Under


Remote Luxury – Top Resorts Down Under

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Some of the featured destinations are easily recognizable, such as the first-class Bamurru Plains in the Northern Territory, Australia, and the high-flyers’ favorite, Huka Lodge in New Zealand. -Other resorts are hidden gems, such as Capella Lodge on Lord Howe Island, Bloomfield Lodge in The Kimberly, and Peppers Awaroa Lodge in New Zealand, a luxury hotel that is only accessible by helicopter, boat or an invigorating three-day hike. Remote Luxury: Top Resorts Down Under is the ultimate guide to getting away from it all in Australia and New Zealand. Over the past few decades Australia and its equally spectacular neighbor across the Tasman Sea have established a reputation as two of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. This reputation is a result of not only the extraordinarily beautiful and varied landscapes both countries boast but also the inspirational ways in which their architects and designers have used these unique settings to create innovative and memorable places to stay. This beautifully photographed publication takes you on a visual journey through the most remote of these idyllic getaways, from luxurious laidback lodges in the outback to sustainable eco resorts in rainforests and sleek retreats by the sea. Whether your taste veers towards the champagne lifestyle and hotels that seduce with total luxury or the quieter, more tucked away hideaways that offer style, service and solitude in equal measure, Remote Luxury: Top Resorts Down Under is sure to enthrall and delight.


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